This is the course blog for HONR 220: Recipe for Disaster – Hollywood vs. Reality. HONR 220 is part of the Honors Program at Queens University of Charlotte.

This course will involve critical analysis of movies that capitalize on our fears of natural and unnatural disasters.  We will learn about several historical disasters, their causes, and their impacts on society.  We will then watch and discuss various movies on disasters such as earthquakes, global climate change, and volcanoes.  We will use a myth-busting strategy to analyze aspects of these disasters that are inaccurately portrayed in movies.  We will also discuss situations that might contribute to these disasters or exacerbate their effects.

This is an inter-disciplinary course that will encourage students to critically analyze the subject material incorporating theories from fields such as sociology, psychology, physics, biology, geology, politics, economics, communications and marketing.

By the end of this semester students should be able to:

  • Understand the tools, techniques, and approaches the film industry employs to explain scientific concepts in movies
  • Evaluate the scientific merits of extraordinary events in TV and film
  • Identify fallacies and construct logical explanations for the events portrayed in TV and film

For more information about the instructor please visit http://www.pillarenvironmental.com.

For more information about the course, the Honors Program and Queens University of Charlotte please visit http://www.queens.edu


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