Radiation = Hero

The Hulk makes for a great movie for those who are fans of comics-based films. While it serves the obvious function of offering quality entertainment, it also makes for a great opportunity to discuss radiation! The whole foundation of the creature that is the Hulk lies in a radiation mishap, wherein a normal man who has spent his life suppressing his anger is struck by interacting Gamma rays. What goes down is that Bruce Banner is working on a nuclear weapon that he hopes will be a less devastating device than the atomic and neutron bombs that are the current options for waging war on the nuclear front. His gamma bomb-in-the-workings was going to function by generating a load of Gamma radiation, disturbing the atmosphere to cause quantum particles that occur in empty space to be more present and energetic, so that their interactions with organic matter would yield mass destruction. The distinction that set his Gamma Bomb apart from other bombs was the lack of hazardous rays in the aftermath, as it was meant to leave no fallout radiation, such that the area that was hit would be reinhabitable immediately. With this, it would still be a horrible weapon, but somewhat less horrible than the alternatives.
The event that transformed Banner into a wild beast of a giant was one of total selflessness, in which he put himself in a point of exposure to intense Gamma rays in an effort to save another person’s life, believing that his own body would be demolished as a result. The game changer here was that, after his years of research put into the Gamma Bomb project, his body had basically become extremely unstable, making it, in effect, a gamma generator. Consequently, when the blast from the Gamma rays he saved another from facing hit him, it interacted with the field from his own body, causing his organism to make up quantum particles like the unstable cells within him, which added to his matter to leave him a hulking, 1,000 pound giant man, with this effect connected to his rage levels, such that his anger became a trigger. The transformation process, then, occurred as the result of a positive feedback loop, whereby the rage he was feeling triggered the onset of the Hulk, which in turn contributed to a feedback loop to further raise his rage levels. While this is all good and interesting, the rationality of it is that the gamma rays would undoubtedly have destroyed Banner, and if his body was at the level of supposedly being akin to a Gamma effect generator itself, he likely would simply have died or been seriously ill from radiation poisoning. Still, leaving the mechanism to its intricate functionality, as is, allows for a superhero who uses his minutely present conscience to maintain the hero instead of a wild killer, which his enraged and enormous state could easily turn him into.

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