The End is Greatly Overdue

T.V. show on The Weather Channel that is focused on how the world could end. Each episode talks about a different possible scenario.

What would happen if Yellowstone erupted? Well, according to the show called “Forecasting the End,” it could essentially be the end of the world and life as we know it. The scientists on the show deem the volcano at Yellowstone a “Super Volcano.” This volcano does not look like a typical volcano, such as the one on Hawaii. Instead, Yellowstone is under the ground, hidden away. Scientists believe that this volcano is supposed to erupt every 600,000 years. The last time it erupted was 640,000 years ago, so it is about time it erupts again. The destruction from the Super Volcano is supposed to be unimaginable. Since no one has seen the eruption of a Super Volcano, no one knows what to expect. Therefore, “we should expect the unexpected.” The only way to predict what could possibly happen is to use research from the past volcano eruption. Apparently what scientists found was ash that had ended up as far as the Gulf of Mexico. Because of their findings, they predict that the volcano eruption could impact the entire United States and maybe the world.

Yellowstone is located on top of one of the hottest mantel activity spots in the world. It also has a large caldera. The way a super volcano erupts is a little different from a normal volcano eruption. Located under the crust is a magma pocket of actively-moving magma. The cold rocks of the crust act as a tough barrier against the hot magma. One day, that barrier could give way, and all of that pressure built up could cause the crust to explode. Scientists predict that it could have the same effects of an atomic bomb that will affect the surrounding areas. It could spew out enough ash to cover the entire U.S. The air will be thick with tiny bits of rock that is not breathable for a few days after the eruption. The ash will travel throughout the U.S. on the jet-stream and could suffocate our crops which leave us with absolutely no food. The air and atmosphere will be greatly polluted harming the environment and killing many organisms. The ruined ecosystems could take decades to recover and for the Earth to rebalance itself once again. Also, the ash cover could cause the temperature to drop nine degrees Fahrenheit. A drop that is equal to that of the last ice age. Forget global warming causing another ice age, we should be more worried about a giant volcanic eruption.

However, outside of the drama of this T.V. show about predicting the end, the actual possibility of the volcano to erupt in our lifetime is slim to none. Predicting a volcano eruption though is some tricky business. The activity under Yellowstone is regularly monitored for possible signs of an eruption and if this activity ever changes or escalates, the public would be the first to know. The main goal would to be to evacuate the people in the surrounding states. Although these people would safely be out of the vicinity of the volcano, escaping the ash is quite impossible. It is true that the ash could cover most of North America, suffocating our crops and polluting our air. However, that the eruption could end the world is a bit of a stretch. The eruption of Yellowstone could be extremely destructive, but with the right preparation and evacuation plans, humanity will be just fine.


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