The Joe Rogan Experience #331

While I was home over spring break my uncle tried to get me to listen to a podcast. Being in the car with him, I kind of had to listen. I had heard both my aunt and uncle talk about Joe Rogan’s podcasts before, but this one in particular had my uncle all riled up. He really wanted people to listen to it so eventually I did.

Joe Rogan is an American martial artist, TV host, actor, and comedian. He is most well known for hosting Fear Factor, commentating on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and for his podcasts on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The podcast my uncle wanted me to listen to was a nighttime special with Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Greer was a former trauma doctor who quit his job to become a ufologist and begin work on the Disclosure Project. The Disclosure Project is Greer’s brainchild and his attempt to tell the public about secrets that the government is keeping. The podcast overall is very interesting and somewhat enlightening even though a lot of what the dear doctor says does seem to be a load of poop. Two parts in particular that seemed very highly unlikely to the scientist in me were one having to do with a time where he actually contacted extra terrestrials and another having to do with other dimensions that he has accessed. In the part about contacting aliens he says that he used some “experimental protocols,” developed by the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative, to contact some vehicles and four UFOs appeared in the sky and they videotaped them, although not good quality video because it was about 15 or 20 years ago when they contacted them. After that though he was called in to brief the sitting CIA director because some higher up people had told others about the incident and it made its way up through the chain of command. I’m not sure how much of that is real, but even if he did have family as part of team that put people on the moon I feel like he would get to directly get to speak to the CIA director. I could be wrong, but with that statement directly following one about him contacting aliens, it seems kind of unrealistic. Joe Rogan though obviously felt a little disbelieving too because he asked Dr. Greer how and he responded that they have protocols, very controversial ones, that deal with nonlocality. Nonlocality is the concept that “the universe has various dimensions that you can move through to go form one star system to another.” This is where he gets into the other part that set off warning bells about what he was saying being a little off kilter. Dr. Greer says that the dimensions with higher resonant fields than “linear space time of electromagnetism” interface with coherent thought. He says that it is possible to travel from one star system to another just with very intent thought and technologies that switch and interface with that thought. These technologies will be phasing at multiple times the speed of light that help along with intent thought to get you to another dimension. His proof? He did it when he was a teenager. He had a near death experience that made him believed that all minds were part of one whole.  He then began to study meditation, which lead him to have contact with aliens. He was doing Scientific Remote Viewing, which supposedly army intelligence and the CIA are using, and ended up remote viewing deep space making contact with an ET ship which then materialized in front of him. I don’t know how much of this interview is real or if this man is crazy or he truly believes what he says, but either way: What is the government hiding from us? Why hasn’t anyone come out with a way to do this kind of remote viewing at home and why haven’t they told us they contacted aliens before?


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