Podcast #331 ctd. A Body Found

In the same podcast #331, at 50 minutes and 30 seconds, Joe Rogan starts to talk to Dr. Greer about a body that was found. It is about six inches in length. The body is actually pictured in the trailer for the movie SIRIUS that Dr. Greer helped create. He says that it is being studied at one of the world’s top universities, although he doesn’t say which one and it has been x-rayed, CAT scanned, and is now being DNA tested. They actually clipped two of the things tiny ribs to extract bone marrow to do the DNA testing. Dr. Greer isn’t at liberty to say who found it, but they do know that it is an organic creature found in the Atacama Desert in Chile, an area very famous for UFO sightings and where natives have supposedly seen creatures like the one found, but alive. The CAT scan showed lungs and it only has ten ribs instead of twelve. However the bone density tests have shown that it must be at least several years old despite its tiny stature. Even though the top scientists in the world don’t really know what it is they have determined that it isn’t human by a diagnosis of exclusion. It cant be human because the size of it would mean that it should be a fetus in about the 23 week of development and not a multiple year old organism according to the bone density. They even factored in the other primates and the possibilities of diseases causing the difference in bone density. They also determined that it could not be a fossil either because it contained organic matter, DNA material and organs. The top geneticist and diagnostic doctors say that there is no form of dwarfism or genetic disorder that could cause something this old to be this small. Dr. Greer also talks about some abnormalities in the actual structure of the creature like its lack of two ribs and the shape of the skull. According to Greer there is no abnormality that causes humans to only have ten ribs. He also says that he was the third person to ever handle it and did some of the initial testing. When asked how old the creature was he said that he didn’t know. The carbon dating on it is supposedly the next step but scientists wanted to be assured that the had enough genetic material to redo DNA testing if need be and they also didn’t want to damage the little thing anymore than they had to. Joe then asked him how it was preserved and Dr. Greer gave a small hint as to where it was found in saying it was in a desert climate. According to him the body is very desiccated and dried out and had no form of preservative on it. They do however know that the tiny creature died a traumatic death because its skull was crushed in behind its right ear, its jaw was slightly asymmetrical, and its right humerus was fractured. These damages are thought to be the cause of death. Dr. Greer says that everyone who has seen the creature thinks it looks like an ET and that the top specialist in bone abnormalities knows nothing that could cause it to look the way it does. What they are trying to figure out is, what is this creature?  If they figure out that it isn’t animal or human, what does that mean for society? Will it prove that there are extraterrestrials, something that many are very skeptical about?


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