A True Crisis

While it is, by genre, a science fiction movie, The Bay provides an accurate depiction of a real problem. The entire film is based upon the issue of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. In fact, the movie was produced in an effort to inform the public about the matter. While for some members of the audience, it may appear to be of no more purpose than yet another disaster film. Yet, to the better aware public, such as we represented with our insight on the part of Harley’s information, the movie presents a wakeup call. A call to action, a cry for help on behalf of the Bay and those lifeforms affected by it. This cause is the heavy contamination of the Chesapeake, a cause that has greater magnitude by way of the vast degree of impact it has because of the array of uses made of the Bay.
The movie touched on some of these possible usages, as it indicated the regular goings on of the affected city. In the movie, the townspeople utilize the Bay as a water source for a number of functions. They drink the water, they supply the pools with it, they live off of it. Something else that goes on between the city and the Bay is the runoff of waste from surrounding farms into its waters.
Contaminants like algae, nutrient runoff, mercury, endocrine disruptors, and Viagra have severe impact on the Bay because of there abundant presence. This impact includes a dead zone that has spanned as much as forty percent of the Bay, as was mentioned during the movie. When these pollutants are introduced into an aquatic habitat like this, they deeply damage the life in the waters. Creatures like oysters, fish, and crabs face fatal consequences when dissolved oxygen reaches dangerously low levels as a result of the pollution. Though official reports have been unable to pinpoint specific sources like a chicken farm right alongside the Bay, the movie has the right idea in general as waste these farms does make its way into the waters and hinder life there.
The movie presents accurate information about the dilemma throughout the storyline. For example, there is a moment twined into the picture where the doctor and health officials are discussing some patients who had come in with leg ulcers. They note that this could be due to wading into the water and unknowingly coming into contact with a bacterium called Vibrio vulnificus that is able to cause skin rashes and can be deadly. The primary threat in the movie are far greater in size, however, and come in the form of enlarged isopods. These creatures ravage the city, parasitizing countless inhabitants that come into contact with them through use of the city water. In reality, these creatures are encountered in settings like the Bay, but they are much smaller and latch onto fish gills and the inside of fish mouths. They do not pose a threat to humans, though. Still, the movie clearly portrays a real issue of how pollution can have magnified impacts and damage life on multiple levels. By intertwining accurate science with a clearly fictitious plot, the film brings to a large audience a true issue that would otherwise not so broadly see the light.

Source: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2012-11-02/features/bs-gr-bay-film-science-20121102_1_chesapeake-bay-dead-zone-nutrient-runoff

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