The Decline of Society: Nazi Germany vs Children of Men Prt. 5

History and current films portray the depravities that humans are capable of committing against one another. In times of national stress, mob like reasoning takes hold, which often replaces the conscious with irrational self interest. However all of the acts of horrid human evil, truly just and kind actions still surface. The acts of kindness and of evil in this world are at a standstill, balancing each other. The determination of human will creates the ability to restore society, to improve life, and to learn from the past. This determination of will is neither a good nor a bad thing, in fact it is both. It was Hitler’s desire to improve the German state that led to the extermination of the Jewish population of Europe; this is the same will that inspired the Jews to rebuild in the ghettos. It has both a positive and negative side.  This will also shows its two faces in the film. The determination of man to improve the world led to the invention of nuclear energy; later destroying the global civilization. This determination also inspired the characters to continue on in hope of improving the world by protecting Kee. With the positive and negative sides of the determination of human will a question must be posed. “Who’s will shape the globe next?”

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