Myers Park Elementary

To begin I would like to say that our class service learning project was a huge success. I want to thank everyone, EVERYONE for their help in making the experience satisfying and successful. So now I find it appropriate to talk about why the experience was so great.

When we first arrived at Myers Park things were a bit confusing. I didn’t know whether we were supposed to sign in or just walk into class. This came from the teacher not being there and a substitute teaching for the day. However, after getting this small mishap resolved the day went much smoother. Except for the massive yelling the kids received from the sub because of their bad behavior (honestly, I did not think they were acting all that bad). Anyway, once we got into the classroom the fun began.

I was the designated teacher and was ok with that. We played three clips and let the students answer questions for each clip. After having them complete these task we had each Queens Student break into table groups. This is where the real fun happened!

The things these kids said was crazy off the wall stuff. “If you cut off a unicorns horns will it die?” was just one of the questions we got. However, in all the kids were pretty cooperative which allowed for some serious scientific discussion. Some believed that a refrigerator could save you from a nuclear blast, and other did not even know that test like this do actually occur. Everyone was in agreement that you can’t drive over lava and they learned a lot about the core of the earth!

The most surprising thing for me was how knowledgeable some of the students where on the science behind the movie. There was one student that knew the difference between volcanoes and even threw out the word pyroclastic blast. For the most part the students where good at differentiating between what was real and what was fake.

The core  gave them the biggest trouble though. They heard everything the man was saying and couldn’t decipher between what was real and not real. However, after discussion of the clip I helped them realize that the core does not control our EM field thus proving to them their question of “are you smart?” with the answer of “duhhh!”.

I left the experience knowing that the students had learned something. They may have learned a little about volcanoes, or a little on nuclear bombs, or a lot on the core. But mostly, I wanted them to realize that everything we see in movies is not true. We have to take movies for what they are, entertainment and not succumb to the social pressure of naiveté. In all, the experience was well worth the work, and  I would recommend that any future class of Dr. Pillars’ do a class service learning project!

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