Why Hello Mr. Roboto.

You may not want to admit it, but humans are pretty irrational pathetic creatures. We create war, destroy love, and make the world a horrific place. That’s why I propose on this day that we no longer fear robots taking over the earth. I’m not urging for the robots that shoot humans on site, and destroy earth as we know it, but nice friendly robots; think like your roomba or your calculator making the decisions. These robots would solve so many of our problems that we currently have made for ourselves. What we need is someone to put their emotions aside so that they can think logically and solve problems.

One problem that they could solve almost immediately is wars. There is one word that can sum up the meaning of war, and its greed. People get greedy and need more things, they need more resources, they need more land, it’s always need need need. Now when we hand the decision making over to this supercomputer that makes the shots, he (or she) can look at the problem as a whole. He (or she) can figure out what needs to be done, and we as humans need to implement it. While the human variable will make this solution even more difficult we just need to keep in mind the fact that something needs to be done now, before it’s too late.

Movies like I. Robot make people fear what robots and technology have to offer us. In the movie robots have become an essential part of human’s everyday life, but a series of murders and attacks lead a cop to become suspicious. Will Smith begins to suspect that there is ill intent behind the robots that a MultiTrillion dollar company has created, and come the end of the movie Will Smith finds out that the computer that the company relies on, has been coming up with its own plan. Not to profit itself, or to make itself richer, but to save human kind; to save it from ourselves.

Just like the prosthetic arm that Will Smith has in the movie, robots can help us if we let them. They will think logically and solve the problems that we have, but cannot solve. The first problem they will look at will be the streets in Charlotte, if you let a robot design them, they would actually make sense. We’ve already seen the capabilities of robots and what they can do, so why not just maximize their potential, let them do what we created them for; solve our problems and make our lives better. By just admitting the fact that we’ve messed up, we can let someone else help us. We’re like the children that just push the mess under the bed; the robots can come in and clean it out for us.

Yes this solution is radical, and will most likely never be implemented by choice, but we can wish right? Next time you sit down at your computer, and start cursing it because you have a ten page research paper to write the night before remember this; It’s your own fault, the robot form of you would have started it weeks ago, since you found out about it at the beginning of the semester.

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