Hello Future.

By this point in the year its been hard coming up with things to write about. What is there to say really? I mean this class has ruined all the fun I get out of watching ridiculous movies, it’s made me scared to death that at any moment the human race is just going to get demolished by the universe, and that we should all work for the I.T. Department at Queens because they have some guaranteed job security in the basement of Sykes. We really need to prepare for all these disasters that are ahead of us, because believe me, they’re coming.

Though I’ve got my gas mask, canned veggies, and Geiger counter stored up in the panic room, I still have hope that we can control certain aspects of our lives. One of the most important things that we should be able to control is our health, and currently our world is facing issues health issues all the wrong way.

Preventative health and life in general is the way to go. While scientists everywhere are trying to find the cure to diseases like cancer, hypertension, autism and many other diseases, the answer to these diseases may not be to treat them when the patient is diagnosed, but to combat the diseases before they even occur. We can discover who is at risk for a specific disease and take all forms of preventative measure to prevent it. One of the more specific ways that we are doing this currently is through mapping out our genes. This process is very complicated, but in the long run will prove to be very useful. It is my hope that things like this will be a common practice in the future. By stopping diseases before they occur, the money that is spent on doctors and medications (which is astronomical) could be allocated to other needed areas like education or poverty.

While genetic mapping may currently seem like an unreasonable goal, I assure you it’s far from it. We know how to do it, but we just merely don’t have the technology to reach this goal. Our computers and processing systems aren’t advanced enough to get this done on a large scale. So while you may think that the idea of mapping out all of these little details in your life may be ridiculous I assure you that they will one day play an important role. These techniques of preventative health care and alternative health care have heavily influenced the medical field and how patients are treated. This is the future of healthcare and life, and I hope that the world will one day embrace this technology. The things we have coming up in the near future are out of this world, and can really make changes in this world as long as people allow them to.

If you’d like to learn more about the project you can read it here… http://www.wired.com/medtech/stemcells/magazine/16-08/ff_church

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