Could X-men exist?

Kind of a random post, but I was day dreaming the other day in class and my thoughts stumbled upon the X-men.  So I decided to examine the logic behind some of their super powers, and whether or not they could actually be replicated in our world.

First up is the most well known X-men, Wolverine.  Everybody knows him.  He’s got the claws, not to mention some sweet chops.  His main power is his healing factor, which allows him to recover from wounds at an incredible rate.  This is very unlikely to ever happen.  When suffers an injury, the body looks to reatone whatever is out of place.  Wolverines body would have to be able to diagnose what was wrong then set out to repair it at a rate that is simply not possible.  Another very unplausible thing about Wolverine is the fact that his whole skeleton is covered in metal.  Blood poison anybody?

Next is Professor Xavier.  He has the power of telepathy.  I never understood the science behind this, because there really isn’t any.  There is no way that a person could transmit their thoughts into someone else’s brain just through thought.  This is because thoughts are caused by neurons firing in the brain and chemicals and hormones being released.  No outside influence could cause the brain to think specific thoughts instantaneously.

Next up is Cyclops, the dude who shoots lasers from his eyes.  The human eye is built to receive light.  It is made up of many small cells that when hit with light, fire neurons to the brain, and we perceieve images because of this.  A laser is caused by an emission of light.  So Cyclops’ eyes are actually emitting light, which brings up the question of where in the world does that light come from?

Finally, the big villain in X-men, Magneto.  Nicknamed the master of magnetism, he is able to control all things metal.  Very handy, but not very likely, unless he somehow is able to control magnetic fields.  There are such things as electromagnets, but they simply are magnets that can be turned off.  There is no such tool to completely manipulate magnetic fields, and even if there was, wouldn’t it need a power source?  So unless Magneto is charging himself off camera, or in the case of a comic, off page, he probably isn’t going to be able to exercises his powers.

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