Unexpected ideas come from unexpected people.

Back in fifth grade I didn’t have cable television. In fact, we didn’t have a single television at my house, so when we went to my grandma’s it was my brother and I’s time to soak up as much pop culture as we possibly could. During those days in front of the television my brother and I bought into all the shows and movies we saw, whether it was some green goo that was bouncy and had a life of its own (Flubber), or that five teenagers dressed up to fight bad guys and combine into one huge robot (Power Rangers). Now though it’s hard to even watch a movie without finding problems with miniscule things. Where did all the enjoyment go? What happened to us believing people in Hollywood, is it because their ideas have continually gotten more and more ludicrous, or is it because we’ve been told not to trust people anymore? Whatever the reasons are, these fifth graders are much more doubtful now than I was at that age. Yesterday in class during our discussion our students brought up good points that I hadn’t even thought about. For example in the Indiana Jones clip, one of the girls talked about how whether or not the lead had protected Indiana Jones, that the heat from the bomb would have heated the metal so much that it would have burnt Jones to touch it.

Thought they answered the majority of the questions correctly, one thing that they did get wrong was that they didn’t think that tests like this actually occurred in real life. When questioned about why they didn’t believe tests like this occurred they explained that they thought that tests like these cost too much money (building a village with people in it just to be blown up), and that there was no reason to have such a powerful bomb that could destroy this much stuff.

The second of these two statements particularly caught my attention because the truth behind them. Really, what is the need to have these nuclear weapons? We all know the damage that these bombs can do, and what will happen if the wrong people get their hands on them. So why do we do it? Some people say that we create these to make sure that other countries and people fall into line, the old saying of speaking softly but carrying a big stick. However, sometimes it seems to be more of a pride thing. That we just want to show everyone else the power we have over them. I personally think that there is no place in this world for these bombs, and that we should destroy them immediately. If anyone has seen the movie Dr. Strangelove or how to love the atomic bomb, they know that one radical crazy person, be it terrorist or General could literally launch us back into another WWIII, or worse the Stone Age. It all goes back to us not respecting the earth, and how we think that we can pollute it, destroy it, and use it anyway that we want to. Well I have a message for all the Styrofoam using, bomb launching, Wendy’s eating people out there. Your time is coming. I won’t be the bringer of karma, but it’s coming around. Soon enough we will see the ramifications of our current actions, and we should turn back before it’s too late, and we kill ourselves.


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