A Stupid Future? That’s Dumb.

“Idiocracy” is by far one the most satirical and humorous film we have viewed so far, but I also believe it has the most value to its message out of the films from this semester. We’ve focused on the plausibility of sci-fi so far, but I love how this one is…socio-fi? Sadly, I believe the basis of this film, humans progressively becoming dumber over the centuries, is legitimate and we are currently moving in the direction toward a world like that of the film, where the IQ nearly fails to exist. First look at our entertainment! The hit TV show in the film was one entitled “Ouch My Balls!” but how far from ridiculous is this from shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Kim and Khloe Take New York?” We love watching excerpts from the pointless drama filled lives of reality stars…and in doing so our intelligence gains nothing! Look at the music on mainstream radio…Rebecca Black’s Friday…a viral hit right now. We like to laugh at the pointlessness and just how lame it is…but somehow it is still extremely popular and I bet you more people have listened to it than know what has been happening in Libya presently.

I googled “society becoming dumber” just to see what could pop up and I found an interesting article that voiced some of the things I often notice. According to a leading UK business website, they spend over 25% of their online research marketing budget to cater for misspelled words. It’s so true; we are becoming more and more reliant upon technology to make up for our daily lapse of intelligence. There are too many examples of how the English language is being “dumbed down” to cater to our use in technology. Through texting, facebook, and email we rarely communicate in full sentences and face to face communication, or even phone call communication, is no longer a norm. We are becoming so impersonal in our daily communication that I am reminded of the hospital scene from “Idiocracy” where no talking is needed for medical attention –just the pressing of a button. Our grandparents’ generation and the rising generation of elementary schoolers where the norm is to have a cell phone by 4th grade –are going to have most difficult time in communication. As the age gap grows, the communication gap grows faster and faster. The rising generation of youngsters is also listening to music with little merit and see pointless reality television as legitimate entertainment. Furthermore, I have to agree that our parent’s generation is much more hardworking than our own, so what is to keep future generations from being lazier and lazier as our technology becomes smarter and smarter?

I would love to think that society is moving towards the greatest digital, technological, and advanced stage in the years to come –full of space stations, incredible innovation, and awesome inventions that make life just awesome. While this will hopefully be the case, I believe that the more dependent we become on technology and the more impersonal we become, the closer we are to resembling a world like that of “Idiocracy.”

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