My Life, the Disaster Movie

Earlier this week, I experienced my own disaster scenario. After the big storm on Monday night, I awoke early the next morning only to find out that my power was out. Thanks to modern day technology, I was able to find my way to the kitchen using the light from my cellphone. I quickly discovered that making a peanut butter sandwich is very difficult to do with poor lighting. After stumbling around my apartment a bit more, I finally made it into the hallway of my complex. I expected to find some emergency lighting, but, just as if Hollywood had written the script, there was none. It was a very Resident Evil-esque type setting with only the eerie glow from the red exit signs to light my way. Another seemingly scripted moment came when I reached the ground floor of the building. The elevator door was stuck halfway open and the light was flickering inside. That was quite an unsettling scene.

When I made it outside, I noticed the destruction that the storm had caused. Branches were all over the ground, debris was scattered everywhere, and the high winds had even uprooted a few trees. I had to watch my step as I cut through the park. At this point, I was almost certain that I would roll my ankle which would somehow lead to my impending doom. As we know by now, one of the characters in nearly every disaster movie suffers some sort of crippling injury that leads to his or her eventual demise. I managed to avoid any serious injury in the park and finally made it to the safety of the sidewalk. Or so I thought…

Once I hit the sidewalk, I checked the time and realized that I was behind schedule. Since I was afraid of the repercussions of being late to practice, I began jogging towards campus. I should mention that I had headphones in during my walk to campus, so I was somewhat unaware of my surroundings. After jogging past a few driveways, I noticed a car creeping up alongside me rather suspiciously. Since I was in a rush, I just put my head down and kept running. A few seconds later I felt something smack up against the side of my body. I was initially afraid that something very bad was about to happen to me, but then I heard a loud “sorry!” come from the car. The paperboy had hit me with a newspaper. One might think that my story ends here, but think again. I still had to run through the gauntlet of the five sprinklers which for some reason are all directed over the sidewalk. There was really no way to avoid the sprinklers, so I decided to put my hood up and sprint through. Four out of the five hit me directly in the face.

I am proud to say that I eventually made it to campus safely. All of these events were followed by one of the toughest practices of my life. It was quite the day. Now I know why Jake Gyllenhaal looked so exhausted by the end of The Day After Tomorrow.

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