The Best and Worst in Science

After doing some research on the very reliable interweb, I found the 5 best and 5 worst science films of all time. I will list them and tell why they are so horrible or great and then add a few movies I think that they missed at the end!


The Core: This movie makes claims about physics topics like magnetism, electricity and heat that at worst a 5th grader would know the answer to despite having four physicists, a computer hacker, and two astronauts, and scientific advisors

What the #$*! Do WE (k) now!: I personally havent seen this movie, bu from what I read it was a documentary type film that tried to convince its audience that we can change reality with our thoughts alone. This of course goes against what any quantum physicist would say.   

Chain Reaction: This film portrays fusion power as a process that is even more problematic than it actually is. The science behind this movies throws outlandish claims about nuclear physics and makes women look like complete morons when it comes to science.

Volcano:  A huge volcano appears in Los Angeles after the San Andreas Fault “erupts”.This is impossible because this fault can only produce earth quakes not hot lava flowing volcanoes.

The sixth day: This film plays in the gray area between science and religion. It’s about cloning that produces a fully grown identical copy of an adult human, a feat this is impossible.  


Gattaca: is one of my personal favorite movies which depicts the outcome of DNA manipulation and genetic screening on the future on man kind. It science is not flawless but it stays true to what science does currently belive.  

Metropolis: The story itself is kinda crazy because a boy ends up creating a robot version of the women he loved and lost. It is good though because it lends light into future technology and the scare it may have in our future.

The Day the Earth Stood Still and On the Beach: are films that concern themselves with the global conflict of the cold war. Both films reflect the scientific and global realities of the cold war era. The Day the Earth Stood Still  talks about the dangers that nuclear war could cause and On the beach shows the outcome of this warfare

A Beautiful mind: is a beautiful movie showing the affects of schizophrenia on John Nash. IT does a great job not only depicting the illness but also the complex science behind the mind of the patient.

These films are relatively new films and can be argued either way. I have seen all but one of these, and I think this list is pretty accurate. I would however, like to add that Absolute Zero should probably be put onto the worst movie list, and possibly place Children of Men onto the list of best movies.

Feel free to add a comment about some movies that I missed in either category!

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