The Title Knows it Best

Idiocracy is defined as a government that is run by idiots. An idiot is defined as  is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way (which is an awesome definition of a simple term). The movie Idiocracy depicts the end of civil society due to the ever expanding morons that run the world.

This movie makes me feel almost stupid myself, when I try to talk about science behind the movie. Lets begin by stating things that might be able to happen. 1. Having an army experiment in the United States is pretty normal. 2. The presence of dumb people in society is evident. Other than that the movie pretty much lacks any type of good scientific support.

Now for the bad. “freezing” people his a hard enough feat, much less “freezing” them for 500+ years. How where they nourished? What happened to the ever so important IV? Besides the actually freezing of people, what about the general (doctor) that was in trouble for prostitution. This would not close down the whole base, and why would everyone forget about the top-secret experiment? This seems really unrealistic to me.

500 or so years later, the two experimental people, wake up from their deep sleep, jump out of the pods and are ready for action. Wouldnt there be some sort of mental and physically repercussions after so much sleep? I know when I wake up in the morning after 8  hours I have to crack my back and stretch out the old hammies. The movie furthers its riduculousness by hyperbolizing the idea of idiocracy in our future. The people watch the show “oh, my balls” and replace water with Gatorade. Society has broken down into dystopia and it is all because people are stupid. (sorry for all the made up words)

Now for a little science. The movie begins talking about Darwin’s evolutionary theory. It states that it is not always the survival of the fittest, but also the survival of who can reproduce faster. Which is kinda true, but not totally. Typically the ones to survive longer and reproduce are the ones more fit for life. If things work out for the best, dumb people will kill themselves out of the gene pool. Also, the likely hood of all smart delaying parenthood is unlikely and creating a population of pure morons would never happen. These people walk around with little conscious thought or care for the world of themselves.

The movie would have had a better chance of using technology as the mechanism for idiotic people. Tchnology advances makes us reliant and eventually turn us into mindless drones. Trying to say that the environment naturally favors stupid people is, well, stupid. 

Besides the flawed science in the movie, I actually did like it. You have to take the movie for what it was, a satire, which means that it wasnt meant to be entirely true. They were stretching what would actually happen only to show people who our society is going down a wrong path of stupidity. In all, I enjoyed the movie, and would like to see a more scientifically sound sequel.

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2 Responses to The Title Knows it Best

  1. carlie22592 says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said. However, the flawed science doesn’t bother me as much as usual, because I feel like they purposely simplified it for the sake of the satire. It would have been a lot cooler for everything to be scientifically accurate, but that would have demanded a lot more focus and time, and also disrupt the coherency of the movie.

    • nickcochran says:

      I agree with you 100%. I realize that the movie was a satire and dont get me wrong I love most anything that pokes fun of a societal problem. However, I feel as though this movie took it too far to a point were satire turned into ridiculous liberties. Even so, I think the movie got is point across, and I applaud it for that. I still would like to see a scientifically flawless movie on the same subject matter though!

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