Look in the mirror bub.

Idiocracy is the perfect satirical movie to poke fun at problems that are easily found in today’s society. The movie likes to show how stupid people have become, through the sex-fueled-worry-free-lack-of-inhibition-approach that idiots have, and the cautious very wary approach that the educated people have. While this could be skewed to show that intelligent people need to go out and have some fun, it’s far from saying that smart people should be blamed solely on the fact that they see economic strain and hardship in having children. Instead, intelligent people screwed the world in another way entirely, and it comes only in a very brief mention. The Narrator states, “The years passed, mankind become stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources were focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.” EXCUSE ME. Repeat that. Focused. On. Conquering. Hair. Loss. And. Prolonging. Erections.

Yes, this article is coming from a nineteen year old, but come ‘on people. Does it not seem logical to put money in more important places like education? What about HIV prevention, or even cancer research? We’ve wasted our gifts of intelligence on useless things! Nature’s a jerk. Your hair falls out, and other things happen to your body that you can’t help either. But listen, I’m so tired of seeing Smiling Bob on the television, and people just need to realize that your afro won’t live forever. Live with it. Invest in something worthwhile. Take pride in your work and make an actual difference in the world.

Imagine that you are a Scientist or Pharmacist for one of these companies that cure erectile dysfunction or hair change, and you die after a long life of curing men’s bedroom problems. Sitting in the afterlife you get paired up with Jonas Salk, Alexander Fleming, or Edward Jenner. General conversation starts and they all begin to talk about how Salk cured Polio, Fleming created Penicillin, and Jenner cured smallpox, then of course they look at you. Instead of saving lives or advancing medical technology, you put your efforts into helping men in the bedroom! Whoop, Whoop.

We are to blame for the Earth’s stupidity. We didn’t fight for what was right. We lost focus of the goals. While our defense budget rises through the roof, the education budget plummets to the ground. If we keep the current trend up of how we spend our time and our money, we may see Monday Night Rehabilitation on sooner than we know. As Idiocracy likes to talk about how it’s time to Lead, Follow, or Get Outta the Way. It’s our time to lead. College teaches us not only the skills we need to succeed in life, but to think comprehensively. I implore you to take pride in what you do, and to make something of your life. Even if it’s just changing one life for the better, do it. Don’t waste your life working at some meaningless desk job, waiting to die. Go out and educate someone. Being smart is cool. You’re never to cool for school.


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