Thoughts on research paper and class project

I’ve been putting some thought in to the topic of my research paper lately and I’m struggling to come up with good ideas. I feel somewhat compelled to write on the film that I selected, The Happening, but I just don’t think that I can do it. Just watching the movie is quite a struggle. I can only imagine what writing eight pages on it might be like.

I think that the best option may be to pick a broad topic in which I can cite several different movies as examples. For example, I could pick the topic of global warming and use Absolute Zero and Day After Tomorrow. That would allow me more freedom, and I would also have more material at my disposal.

Another thing that I have been contemplating is our end of semester project. I love the idea of doing a project together as a class. The idea of going to a school to discuss some movie clips with students sounds very exciting. I am somewhat concerned that if we do an activity that will not fit into the time slot of our class, it will be difficult for everyone to make it fit into their schedules. I’m sure that many of us have jobs and others play sports which make early evening commitments somewhat of a problem. If there is any kind of service project that we could do that would fit into our class time slot, I feel that that would be the best option. Currently, I don’t have any ideas that would go along with the topic of the class, but I will keep brainstorming! I have yet to check out the discussion forum on moodle, but I’m sure there are some great ideas already posted.

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