Matter as the 4th dimension?

As many know, the way we humans view the world in three dimenstions: length, width, and height.  However, from a mathematical perspective, it is possible that there could be more dimensions.  A common misconception is that time is the 4th dimension, but this is not true.  If an object could move fast enough (breaking the speed of light), then time actually warps around it.  Kind of a crazy concept to wrap your mind around huh?  As of the now, the actual 4th dimension has not been discovered.  When I was on spring break, I was really bored one night as I was trying to sleep and an interesting idea popped into my head:  what if matter is the 4th dimension?

The reason that length, width, and height are regarded as different dimensions is because, in a mathematical sense, they are all perpendicular to eachother.  For a fourth dimension to exist, then it would have to be perpendicular to the other three.  Trying to think of how something could be perpendicular to the currently known dimensions is beyond my comprehension, so I’m not really sure how that would work.  But perhaps the string theory, which in a very simplistic summary, states that there can be dimensions within dimensions.  Perhaps matter could be looked at as a dimension contained within the other three.

If you have read up until this point, you may ask yourself why in the world I know all of these things.  I became very interested with particle physics and such when I first heard of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.  It was built in order to attempt to find the Higgs particle, which would answer the question of why matter has mass.  This could potentially answer many current holes in our understanding of the universe, but unfortunately the LHC has been stricken with numerous technical difficulties.

One such question that is hoping to be answered by the discovery of the Higgs particle is the apparent lack of antimatter in the universe.  I wondered if matter could potentially be looked from linear stand point.  On a standard xy-plane or xyz-plane, each variable has a positive and a negative.  If matter could be placed on such a plane, then perhaps anti-matter is simply the negative equivalent of matter.

My final point is based on something I read about how one would be able to perceive the world in 4 dimensions.  If one were to look straight on at a cube, what would they see?  They would see a square.  However, in 4 dimensions, one would be able to see the entire surface area of the cube as well as what was inside of it.  I interpreted this as being able to see all of the matter of the cube.

These are just a bunch of jumbled thoughts but I thought they were interesting and worth posting.  Go Redskins.

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