Is 2012 happening?

It may be just me, but I feel recently (like as soon as the calender turned), a lot of crazy things have been happening.  The year started off with thousands of birds dropping dead out of the sky.  I still have yet to hear a logical explanation for that.  Next, Egypt happens.  The events there set off a reaction in other middle eastern countries, and then Libya devolves into basic civil war.  While the United States was contemplating getting into yet another war with a Muslim country, one of the greatest and most severe earthquakes in modern history strikes Japan, followed but a colossal tsunami.  The death toll rises by the day as bodies continue to wash ashore.  As if that was not enough, a major nuclear power plant went into a near meltdown.  Then VCU made the Final 4.  So my question is this:  what if 2012 really does spell the end of the world?

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