Dreaming of The Unrealistic End?

Last night, after a long day of learning and working, I finally laid down for bed at around 12 am. In the midst of one of my dreams, my brain switches from the beautiful waters of the ocean (I must have been on vacation) to the terrorfying scene of innumerable amounts zombies. Zombies? I ask myself in my unconscious sleepy undertone, why zombies?

Instead of fighting the dream I decide to let it happen. It plays out much like a video game. Similar to Left 4 Dead if you are familiar with that game. Anyways, this is the plot summary of my dream. It is me, my younger brother, my cousin, and some random guy that I did not recognize. We probably let him stick around because of the massive amounts of ammunition he was packing! From here we needed to rummage for food. As discretely as possible we went from house to house looking for any supplies. The scene is desolate. The only color that exist if grey. The houses had jagged holes ripped from the sides, and inside was not any less disturbing.

The dream started off calm. No zombies, just me and my three pals. But like most good dreams (good as in exciting) the zombies would come. And they came in huge masses, and they came hungry, lingering to the scent of fresh human flesh. We were able to hold them off with our oozies and sniper rifles for a long time, but when we ran out of bullets people began to die. Luckily, the random dude went first. We split up, not before synchronizing our watches and ensuring our walkie talkies were on the same channel.

The last scene consisted of me running through a building up some stairs and finding a man. He wasnt a zombie though, but I could tell he needed to die. He shot at me, and in matrix style i dogged the bullet. I shot back, only to remember that I was out of bullets. We fought for a while until the exasperation had him on the ground. One swift hit in the face from the butt of my gun did the trick, he was dead.

The dream that I had been very much apocalyptic. It seemed like the end of the world had occurred and zombies were roaming the land. I would like to dabble in the idea of the creation of a Zombie. From articles I read the greatest fear of becoming zombie like is through mutation caused by virus, bacteria or parasite. There are actually some parasites tha can take over a host cells body and use it for their own pleasures. However, these type of parasites have not been found in humans. Also, viruses insert their own DNA into the genome of its host cell, however, the mutation more than likely would kill the organism rather than switching it into a mindless flesh eating zombie. The idea of a Zombie kind of reminds me of the movie The Happening. Plants make a neurotoxin to take control of the human thought process and kill themselves, in an almost Zombie like manner. However, after research of this movie, I found out that this is impossible as well, because plants can’t target stimuli in such a quick manner, much less create a potion strong enough to take over the human brain.

The media has created a Zombie paradise to the point of unrealism. The likely hood of the T-virus affecting humans, or parasites taking over our mind control seems to be pretty slim. At least when (if) the Zombie apocalypse comes we will have plenty of prior knowledge of how people are affected and how to keep yourself safe from Zombies, this is, if hollywood actually got some science right!

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