The Ultimate Underdog Story Gone Wrong

It’s truly amazing how sour good intentions can turn or for that matter, good ideas. Take The Happening, and break it down to its bare essentials. No, I’m not talking about the brand of makeup, although I would be very interested to know how much fake blood and gory bits of flesh they needed for this film. But, a stripped down version of The Happening would be a movie about the world fighting back. That seems like a good idea, right? Who could think of a weaker opponent than grass and trees? Other parts of nature have had films about them, like tornadoes (wind), volcanoes (lava), and tsunamis (water). It would appear to be a sound idea to let grass and all those green plants have a shot at killing mass amounts of people. Too bad it wasn’t based on much scientific evidence at all, and that good idea wasn’t a very good any more.

For most of the films we’ve watched so far, the discussions were to pick out parts where the science was wrong. I feel like for this movie when we have the longer talk about it, we’ll have to pick out the parts that were right, because of all the stuff they made up. I can chalk some of this up to the director being primarily a horror film director for movies like The Village and Signs (they’re kind of horror films), and that’s why he personifies nature as having a way to communicate with itself in such a creepy, diabolical plan against humanity. But, the personification becomes too much for me, and even comes across as more cheesy and funny than scary. I’m thinking of the incident when the little girl was on the swing, and there were several close ups of the branch where the swing was being held up by. I half expected the tree to grow a face and start throwing apples at them as they ran away with Dorothy. Not to mention the theory about nature attacking based on how many people are in a group, because it can sense that. If it was an airborne toxin, how would they survive if Walberg and gang were so close to the people dying off? Weren’t they close enough in that field when the military guy shot himself to be exposed by what was in the air around them? And why didn’t the three of them die in the end when we had just seen the crazy old lady die who was by herself in her garden? Is nature secretly a huge Marky Mark fan?

Also, if nature is so protective, isn’t it a little ironic that one guy killed himself with a lawn mower? I mean it’s like murdering grass for god’s sake! Where was the apple throwing tree then? It was probably too busy trying to count how many people were in a group to decide whether or not to kill them.

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