Dear Sun <3


Dear Sun,

First off, hello. Let me open my letter with a thank you. Thank you for always being there for us. You provide us with Vitamin D which fuels many of our body functions, along with serotonin allowing us to fall asleep. More than that though, thanks you for just making our moods better. You provide us with a mental boost, which may possibly be just as important as all the physical health aspects you give us. Basically, you give us that little bounce in our step. Without you, all our technology and advancements mean absolutely nothing. We would be reverted into the dust that the galaxy constantly reminds us that we are. Through all my pathetic high school science classes I’ve learned one mere fact. The web of life, the balance of the universe, it’s all based on a fragile balancing scale. If we’re just a little bit farther or a little bit closer, we’re done for. So thank you for being a good constant in my life.

I’m writing to you today to tell you something, to inform you of something that you may not know. While we’ve already established our dependence for you, I’m here to tell you that soon, you will need us to save you. All our lives humans are told that we are here for just a glimpse of time. That one day, there will be nothing left of us, and we’ll be returned to the dust we came from. But I disagree (respectfully of course). Soon, (relatively compared to how long you’ve been around) you will die. Here on earth we have this saying, “Nothing is certain, but death and taxes” and this applies to you too (maybe not the taxes). One day you will die. You will explode into nothing. Ah, I know that it may sound harsh, but it is the truth. But, I have good news. Humans are here to solve your problem. While we are stupid creatures that argue over dumb things like land and women, we all realize how important you are to us, and when the time comes, we’ll help you out.

We humans do something that I consider rare. We adapt, we evolve, we learn, improve, and we survive. We need you to survive, and out of necessity we will save you. You’re welcome. How? Honestly, I’ve got no idea. But in the future someone will. Humans will evolve, we will improve, and we will create the technology to save you. Whoever said that we’re just dust in the wind (Kansas, we’re looking at you), was looking to the past. From now on, us humans will control our own destiny. We will not go out without a fight, and we will never give up. It’s our hope that keeps us going. We’re getting exponentially smarter, and we will one day be impossible to eradicate.  While we may not save you like we did in Sunshine, we will do it, and when it does happen all that dust-to-dust nonsense will be over. We’ll be made of pure diamond. Hard, and flawless.

So here’s to you my ol’ friend sun. We still need you, so don’t give up on us yet. But soon, we’ll repay our debt. Until then, Keep doin’ what your doin.



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