We have the whole world in our hands. And it’s our destiny to protect whats left…

Hold on. Let me get-up on my soap box for just one little bit. Let me tell you about why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. While we can critique and laugh at a movie like Absolute Zero we all know that Children of Men is a little different. It’s because we know, somewhere in the deep recesses of our minds, that it could be true. That if we don’t watch out, we’ll be caught with our pants down around our ankles crying for our mom’s to come rescue us. We can stop it though, we can prevent this horrible world from coming. We can take preventative measures to prevent our world from crumbling, and to prevent us from having to eat Fish-n-Chips everyday for the rest of our lives. We can keep soccer being soccer, and football being football if we follow a simple guide that has been preached to us. It’s as simple as following three little words. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Too bad we all just sat down to read this post with a Styrofoam cup of coffee that will take over 500 years to decompose in a landfill. We’ll let that one slip. But starting after this we really need to change. Look at Brittan in 2027. It’s not even fit for a rat. The city looks worse than a frat house on a Sunday morning. People have become so nonchalant about the world they live in, that trivial matters like Baby Diego’s death put people under emotional stress. People don’t have the desire to even live anymore. As pointed out in class, you know when the government hands out suicide kits something’s wrong. While Children of Men doesn’t exactly point any fingers at a cause describing what tore the world to shreds, one very plausible scenario is that the world’s resources were used up, and spit out.

While this may seem like a reaching idea, it is not that far off. The way we consume and use things in the world today is slowly causing it to reach its tipping point. The world has such delicate ecosystems that once one part of it is destroyed, a domino effect can occur devastating entire regions. Though there could be an infinite amount of possibilities we’ll use the example of the everglades to prove a point. Eventually, in 2018 we pave over the Everglades and build condos for people that want to live in beautiful Florida. What happens to all the creatures there? They move into another habitat which in turn affects all creatures that live there, and displace them. Eventually all across the East Coast the ecosystems and the people that rely on them to make money, whether is fishing, farming, etc. are ruined. Thus, the dominoes begin to fall and the fecal matter smashes into the fan. Boom. Resources are gone, people panic. We’re in 2027 and we’re all rushing to Great Brittan to get some of what they have. Really, think about what we’re doing today. Whether you believe in such things as the “Butterfly Effect” it is a definite probability. We should all try our best to protect the world we have today, by protecting its resources and reusing what we can.  If you want to take the risk, by all means keep doing what you’re doing, but I on the other hand want to have children, and see them have children, and hopefully be able to take them out into the fresh air as well.


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